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Characters / Characters
character race/class nationality per sen dip blu knowledge languages
Ridrim Elf swashbuckler Mierani 0 5 7 7
  • Local5
  • Elven
  • Varisian
  • Orc
  • Draconic
  • Sylvan
Stromgren Taurian barbarian Shoanti 5 1 0 0
  • Nature4
  • Shoanti
Tethune Varisian cleric Magnimar 5 7 7 3
  • Religion7
  • Local8
  • Varisian
  • Aquan
  • Skald
  • Shoanti
Wren Halfling scout Magnimar 8 8 5 3
  • Nature4
  • Halfling
  • Gnoll
Malekki Chelaxian evoker Korvosa 0 0 1 1
  • Arcana8
  • Geography7
  • Local8
  • Nobility7
  • Thessalonian
Vink Varisian rogue/sorcerer Riddleport 7 5 7 9
  • Dungeoneering5
  • Local5
  • Varisian
  • Dwarven

Bonus Feats

  • City Born (Magnimar): Wren
  • City Born (Korvosa): Malekki
  • Country Born : Tethune
  • Lone Wolf: Ridrim
  • Totem Spirit: Stromgren

Character Introductions

  • Malekki: stranded on island, made for Riddleport, beset by privateers, run aground, managed here, thinking about conjuration, spellbook magicked against water damage.
  • Ridrim: years went by as days do for man, lost in drunken haze, work and idle time from ship to ship, find yourself floating in oversize trunk, making for apparent land or atoll, where a man dressed in red can be seen.
  • Tethune: Gozreh has been angry with the seas, and has scattered the ships and things of man about their waves. your communion with the waves is broken when you realize you are not alone: an elf and apparent mage bickering on a nearby island.
  • Stromgren: clinging to the north and eastern walls of Riddleport is a makeshift town of shanties and tents. The city beyond is not unlike that you remember, nor are the woods that still crawl with green skinned beasts.
  • Vink: just returned from overland expedition from Wolf's Ear and through the Churlwood, Riddleport is in ruins and the players have changed.
  • Wren: ranging north from Magnimar, stowed away by ship to Roderic's Cove, travelling west with caravans, and then went it alone when large folk grew too aggressive..

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