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Characters / Malekki


Malekki was born the seventh son of House Murago, a minor house from the Korvosan city of Palin’s Cove. Though too far removed from the Royal bloodline to be considered a major player, House Murago retains influence due to the wealth generated by its ownership of the smoke-spewing factories of Palin’s Cove.

Malekki‘s family have shuttled him off to various boarding schools and Universities ever since he was young. He reads this to mean he is a gifted academic and they have high hopes for him, but in reality they just want to be rid of him.

Having never wanted for anything, Malekki has spent his entire life in ritzy boarding schools, universities, and, most recently, the Magic Academy in Korvosa. His instructors have now sent him into the world for some “seasoning,” a rite of passage Malekki believes is reserved for only the most promising students. In reality, they just want to be rid of him, and are afraid of kicking him out due to his family’s wealth. They’re vaguely hoping he gets himself killed and they never have to see him again.


Malekki is slightly shorter than average, but not notably so. He is thin and reasonably healthy, but a lifetime of easy existence has left him without much in the way of muscle on his skinny frame. He keeps his blonde hair cut short, and maintains impeccably trimmed sideburns and a “soul patch” he spends several minutes trimming and shaping carefully each morning. His appearance in general is on the good side of middling , and he’d do well with the ladies if he weren’t such a twit.

Malekki wears a highly impractical silk tunic, red and gold with green trim, that provides almost no warmth but conveys his station and looks great on him. He always has his fancy walking stick with him, and bandies it about in the manner of a courtly and distinguished gentleman.


Ivory Tower: Malekki is a classic “Ivory Tower” intellectual with no real clue what life is like in the real world. Like many intellectuals, he fancies himself a “progressive” thinker, as long as his cushy existence isn’t threatened.

Cheapskate: Having never had to worry about money, Malekki doesn’t think anyone else should, either. He’s incredibly cheap, constantly insulting craftsmen with his lowball offers.

Rules Are Rules: Malekki is more than a little naïve about society. He believes the system is basically set up to be just, and that injustices can be dealt with through the law. If he sees a gross injustice, he’ll send a strongly worded letter to the local magistrate and then move on, all the while congratulating himself on taking a stand!

Clueless: Malekki seems to think everyone likes him, and has never been able to understand that most people are either laughing at him or trying to get rid of him.

Adventure! Malekki craves adventure, and the camaraderie it brings, but doesn’t seem to understand the real dangers involved. It’s as if he sees it all as another course at the University, one he can simply retake if he doesn’t score well enough. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that the world could do without him.

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